MNM Antique Mall is a 4,000 square feet friendly place with a wide range of items. these include antiques (of course), primitives, collectibles, toys

(especially farm), glassware, shabby chic and US coins and currency.

The store opened in July of 2010 with only the owners (Mike N Mary) occupying the space.  Today there are about 10 vendors who sell from the store.

Because of this diverse group, the items in the store cover a wide range of interests.

Starting with 2 M&M figures on the counter at opening, the collection of M&M items have grown to thousands over the years.  90% of these items were given to us

 - from dealers, friends, neighbors and even a customer or two, including anonymous gifters who just left items at the door.

  It was known that these M&M pieces had found a good home.